Turkish American Chamber of Commerce of the South

TACCS at a glance

Established to bring together Turkish American corporations, businesspeople and professionals on a real, virtual and social media platforms to encourage trade activities and increase business volume among members, and to achieve savings resulting from collaboration. TACCS is helping companies in the US and Türkiye to establish business connections through a wide range of referral services and to start, develop businesses in both countries.

We Provide Information

​TACCS is a forum for Turkish and American business leaders to come together, discuss common interests, and exchange ideas in their respective fields.

We Build-up the Network

TACCS Committees promote and connect businesses and individuals through industry-specific seminars, speaker presentations, and networking activities. They also raise awareness to build communication, social and commercial relationships between Turkish and American organizations operating in the United States with business interests in Turkiye.

We Advise and Facilitate

TACCS Committees are dedicated to provide knowledge and advise to member corporations to help them remove impedements and succeed their strategic goals in respective industries.

Support Türkiye

7.8 magnitude earthquake followed by a 7.6 magnitude within the same region created a devastating damage effecting 13 million people. Thousands of buildings have been collapsed, and many are in inhabitable condition.

Now it is the time to help rebuilding these cities and the damaged infrastructure.

We do thank for all your support and now we are calling all our friends to direct their donations to be made by monetary contributions.

Our Values


The vision of TACCS is to build an environment and platform for Turkish-American businesses and professionals to help strengthen partnerships, advance information sharing, and promote business opportunities among and for the members in the U.S.A, and abroad.


Our mission is to be the gateway platform for the Turkish-American enterprises to thrive in the U.S. markets, leverage the pool of Turkish American capital and resources to help raise the economic power of Turkish American business and professionals.


We are a foundation with high moral standards. TACCS supports the respect and appreciation of each individual, refraining from politics, religion and ethnicity. We are equally distanced to all individuals and have respect to all people with globally accepted moral values.

Why Become a TACCS member?

We believe in the power of the community. Becoming a member of TACCS will provide many opportunities for you. TACCS Committees initiate monthly business-to-business opportunities for networking and connecting with other business professionals. We receive calls from businesses looking for referrals of doing business in the U.S. markets. We are building relationships with State and local governments to take on tough issues and may oppose new regulations, taxes, assessments and costs that will negatively impact your businesses. Be in our network to gain access to businesses knowledge and opportunities.

2023 Membership fees are 50% discounted

We will make the maximum effort to meet the networking demands of our members from TACCS in order to expand their business. The main aim for TACCS will be to reach a solution for the needs of the members by actively using both its own network and the network of the members.

– Erhan Çevikel


Our aim is to contribute to the representation of the Turkish-American community in the US business and social life as it deserves. When TACCS reaches the desired size over time, it will be the largest and most effective nonprofit organization representing the Turkish-American Business community in its region.

– Selen Timur
Senior VP

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