Academic and Business Synergies Explored: TACCS Meets with Atlas University President in Atlanta

Forging New Frontiers in Education and Commerce: TACCS and Atlas University Discuss Opportunities in Georgia, Laying Groundwork for Future Collaborations

On February 25, 2023, a significant meeting took place in Atlanta, marking a potential turning point in academic and business collaboration between the United States and Turkiye. Yusuf Elgörmüş, President of Atlas University, engaged in a pivotal dialogue with Erhan Cevikel, President of the Turkish American Chamber of Commerce of the South (TACCS), and Gokhan Yavuz, Secretary General of TACCS. This meeting underscored the growing interest and potential for academic and commercial partnerships in the State of Georgia, particularly in the thriving Greater Atlanta area.

During their conversation, the focus centered on exploring and identifying the various opportunities for academic institutions and business establishments to collaborate and thrive. These discussions are particularly timely, given the increasing globalization of education and business, and the strategic position of both Georgia and Turkey in these sectors.

Mr. Elgörmüş extended a warm invitation to Mr. Cevikel to visit Atlas University and the Medicine Hospital Group in Istanbul. This gesture signifies the desire for a deeper engagement and the potential establishment of meaningful connections between educational institutions and the business community. Such a visit would not only strengthen ties but also pave the way for future collaborations and exchanges that could benefit both regions.

The meeting between TACCS and Atlas University represents a proactive step towards bridging academic excellence with business innovation. By fostering these connections, TACCS continues to demonstrate its commitment to facilitating international partnerships that can lead to mutual growth and development.

As TACCS and Atlas University continue to explore these opportunities, the potential for joint ventures, student and faculty exchanges, research collaborations, and shared business initiatives become increasingly tangible. This meeting is just the beginning of what promises to be a fruitful and dynamic relationship, opening doors to new possibilities in education and commerce, and strengthening the bonds between the United States and Turkey.

The commitment of TACCS to such international collaborations aligns perfectly with its mission to support and enhance Turkish-American business and academic communities. It sets a precedent for more such interactions in the future, promising a landscape where education and business not only coexist but also complement and enrich each other.