Broadening Horizons with Multidisciplinary Expertise

The TACCS Advisory Council, with its diverse and accomplished members like Prof. Dr. Okan Tarhan and Hüsnü Oğuz Aydemir, epitomizes the blend of academic brilliance, industrial acumen, and cultural enrichment. Their collective wisdom not only shapes our strategic direction but also enriches our chamber with a depth of knowledge and experience.

Advisory Council

Prof. Dr. Okan Tarhan

Chemistry Professor,
Former Head of METU Career Planning Center
Prof. Dr. Okan Tarhan, a distinguished chemistry professor and former head of METU's Career Planning Center, brings a wealth of academic and strategic expertise to TACCS. His role as a board member of ODTÜ GVO and his extensive background in academia make him a pivotal member of our advisory council, guiding us with his profound insights and visionary approach.

Hüsnü Oğuz Aydemir

Industrialist, Educator,
Born on December 23, 1950, in Ankara, Hüsnü Oğuz Aydemir's educational journey spans prestigious institutions such as TED Ankara College, Tarsus American College, and Istanbul University. His international studies at the University of Amsterdam further enrich his diverse experience. A seasoned industrialist since 1976, Aydemir has held significant roles in Istanbul's industrial sector, TÜSİAD membership, and various environmental and cultural foundations. His multifaceted career, combining industry, culture, and environmental advocacy, adds immense value to TACCS.

Yusuf Çapraz

Business Leader and
Mr. Yusuf Çapraz, a renowned business leader and philanthropist, has recently enriched the TACCS Advisory Board with his presence. Distinguished for his significant contributions to education and health, Mr. Çapraz has been honored with one of Türkiye's most esteemed accolades, the TBMM Outstanding Service Award, bestowed upon him on April 5, 2007. His commitment to social development is evident through his numerous philanthropic endeavors, including the establishment of the Keşan Yusuf Çapraz School of Applied Sciences, Anatolian High School, a health center in Hasköy/Enez, and a mosque. His generous support to various educational institutions further underscores his dedication to societal upliftment. Mr. Çapraz's vast experience and benevolent spirit are invaluable assets to TACCS, enhancing its mission towards community engagement and social responsibility.