Starting on Your TACCS Journey

Becoming a member of TACCS opens a world of opportunities. Our application process is streamlined and transparent, ensuring a smooth transition into our dynamic business community.
Core Membership Criteria
1. Alignment with TACCS's Mission and Values:
Membership is open to individuals and entities that demonstrate a commitment to TACCS's mission of fostering Turkish-American business relations and adhere to our core values of integrity, innovation, and inclusivity.
2. Ethical Business Practices:
Applicants must exhibit a history of ethical business practices, aligning with TACCS's dedication to integrity and professionalism in all aspects of business.
Inclusive and Diverse Membership
3. Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion:
TACCS values and encourages diversity in its membership. We seek members who contribute to a rich, varied business environment, respecting cultural, professional, and business diversity.
4. Active Participation and Contribution:
Members are expected to actively participate in TACCS activities, events, and initiatives, contributing to the chamber’s dynamic and collaborative environment.
1. Start Your Application:
Begin your journey by clicking the 'Apply to Become a Member' link. This will take you to our comprehensive membership form.
2. Membership Committee Review:
Once submitted, our Membership Committee will review your application. This process may include outreach for additional information to ensure a mutual fit.
3. Ethics and Confidentiality:
Upon approval, you’ll be introduced to our NDA and ethics package. It's essential to read, understand, and sign these documents, aligning with TACCS’s values and standards.
4. Membership Activation:
The final step is the payment of your membership dues. Once completed, your membership will be activated, unlocking access to the vast array of TACCS benefits and opportunities.
Show TACCS Code of Ethics and Non-Disclosure Agreement

Completing this application is your first step towards becoming an integral part of a dynamic and influential community. We look forward to exploring the potential of our partnership.