Press Release – April 5, 2024 (EN)

The Turkish American Chamber of Commerce (TACCS), covering 16 states in the southern
region of the U.S., the 3rd largest economy in the world, is proud to announce the beginning of
a new era for the U.S. and Turkish businesses.

TACCS will host a grand GALA in Miami on Thursday, April 25th, with the vision of bringing the
Turkish and American business communities together.

TACCS was established on October 29, 2022, as a non-profit chamber of commerce in Florida.
The Chamber is a membership organization that supports Turkish and American businesses,
partners, and investors, while encouraging the increase of bilateral trade potential through
multi-sectoral investments. The grand GALA with the theme “Together in Prosperity” will provide
a platform for the development of the world both from the U.S. and abroad while bringing
together the leading names of the business community to participate in the event.

The GALA will welcome the U.S. Department of State Deputy Director, the U.S. Department of
Commerce Foreign Trade Representative and Türkiye Regional Officer, State Senator Lauren
Book, the Mayor of North Miami Beach, President of Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce,
President of South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Vice President of Metro Atlanta
Chamber, and President of World Chamber of Commerce as VIP guests. The GALA will be
hosted by the renowned business storytelling speaker Dave Bricker where the Mayor of Miami
will be the keynote speaker.

Mr. Erhan Çevikel, President of TACCS, highlighted that, “TACCS was founded with the vision of
bringing Turkish and American business people and companies together. TACCS has
measurably increased cooperation between businesses in various sectors, expanded trade
volume, and provided value-added services to its members. Our development and success has
helped our members overcome the challenges they face and given them a competitive
advantage in the global market. By establishing closer contact with the business community at
our GALA night, we will be able to provide mutual support to our members operating in both

The GALA will also feature colorful presentations, surprises, and entertainment. Hasan Kale,
Istanbul’s famous micro-art master, will perform a mesmerizing live art show. The gems of
Turkish cuisine, delicious baklava and authentic Turkish coffee will be served, while some lucky
guests will win a chance to experience the art of coffee fortune reading. For live music,
successful Azerbaijani artist Han Beyli and lively Turkish Z Band will take the stage. Donations
from the silent auction will benefit TACCS’ initiative to support the STEM education of Turkish
school-aged girls.

As distinguished members of the press, we will be pleased to host you at our GALA. Please see
the invitation attached. For more information and interview requests, please visit or contact us at