Special Project Committees of TACCS

The Pillars of Progress and Collaboration

At TACCS, our Special Project Committees are the engines of innovation and expertise. Each committee, with its unique focus, drives our mission forward, shaping a future where business and culture thrive in unison

Committees Overview

Arts, Culture & Events
Promoting and supporting Turkish and Turkish American artists and cultural assets. This committee is a bridge between arts and the business community, enhancing cultural richness
Business Advisory, Development & Marketing
Dedicated to helping members grow their businesses, this committee is a think-tank for innovative business strategies and market insights
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Focusing on the burgeoning healthcare tourism sector and fostering partnerships between Turkish and American healthcare entities
Technology, Media, Commerce & Communications
At the forefront of digital transformation, this committee explores cutting-edge solutions in technology and media
Manufacturing, Logistics & Distribution
Providing resources and support for logistics, manufacturing, and distribution sectors, enhancing operational efficiency
Consumer Goods, Travel & Hospitality
Guiding companies in navigating the U.S. market in food, travel, and hospitality, leveraging extensive industry experience
Banking, Finance, Tax & Insurance
Offering financial expertise and insights, this committee aids members in navigating the complex financial landscape
Commercial & Residential Real Estate
Creating a knowledge platform for real estate professionals to share market news and opportunities
Cultivating young entrepreneurs and future leaders, focusing on innovation, education, and mentorship
Academics & Education
Bridging the gap between academia and industry, fostering educational initiatives and collaborations

Harnessing Collective Expertise

Through our Special Project Committees, TACCS harnesses the collective expertise of its members, driving innovation and building a resilient, diverse business community. Join us in our mission to shape a prosperous future