TACCS and South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Envision Collaborative Future

TACCS and South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Envision Collaborative Future

In a significant step towards fostering intercultural business relationships, TACCS Board of Director member Rick Serkan Eren, along with founding member and board member Ruhi Balci, engaged in a highly constructive meeting with Liliam M. Lopez, the esteemed founding CEO of the South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SFLHCC). This meeting, characterized by its productive and engaging nature, was also graced by the presence of Resul Şahinol, Consul General of the Republic of Türkiye in Miami.

The primary focus of this meeting was to explore and develop plans for future collaborative projects and synergies between TACCS and SFLHCC. This initiative aligns with both organizations’ commitment to promoting and supporting diverse business communities.

The SFLHCC, established on July 21, 1994, plays a pivotal role in the Hispanic business community of South Florida. It operates with a mission to advocate for the growth and development of Hispanic and Minority owned businesses. Under the leadership of Liliam López, who has been at the helm since its inception, the SFLHCC has become a cornerstone organization, offering a resource center and forum for the Hispanic business community. The foundation associated with the chamber was later established on December 10, 1996, further extending its influence and support within the community.

Liliam López’s leadership has steered the SFLHCC to become a dynamic platform where business leaders connect, establish relationships, and support one another. The chamber’s varied activities, including over 20 events annually, such as monthly luncheons, lunch/learn conferences, and receptions, draw between 300 to 400 of Miami’s most influential executives and business owners. These events are crucial for networking and fostering business opportunities within the Hispanic community.

The collaboration envisioned between TACCS and SFLHCC promises to open new avenues for mutual growth and development. This partnership aims to leverage the strengths of both organizations, thereby enriching the business landscape of South Florida. It also symbolizes a step towards greater inclusivity and cross-cultural engagement in the business sector, aligning perfectly with the visions of both chambers.

As TACCS continues to expand its global footprint, partnerships like these play a vital role in enhancing its mission to support Turkish-American businesses and professionals. The envisioned collaboration with SFLHCC is a testament to TACCS’s commitment to embracing diversity and fostering a global business community.