Turkish American Chamber of Commerce of the South and Turkish Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacir Convene for High-Level Technology and Trade Meeting

President and CEO of TACCS, Erhan Cevikel, honors Minister Mehmet Fatih Kacir with a commemorative plaque, symbolizing the strong partnership and shared vision for technological advancement between TACCS and Turkiye’s Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Orlando, January 16th – In a landmark event that brought together some of the most influential figures in Turkish technology and politics, the Turkish American Chamber of Commerce of the South (TACCS) held a significant meeting in Orlando. The assembly was notably attended by Mehmet Fatih Kacir, Minister of Industry and Technology, among other high-profile Turkish dignitaries and technology leaders. This crucial gathering was organized not only to commemorate Turkiye’s remarkable step into space with its first astronaut, Alper Gezeravcı aboard Axiom Mission 3 but also to discuss the future of Turkiye’s technology industry.

The esteemed committee included figures such as Ahmet Yozgatligil, Deputy Minister; Zehranur Aydemir, Turkiye’s youngest parliamentarian; Resul Sahinol, Consul General of the Turkish Republic in Miami; Hasan Mandal, President of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK); Yusuf Kirac, President of the Turkish Space Agency; and Haci Ali Mantar, Chairman of HAVELSAN’s Management Board. The event was further graced by numerous university Rectors and high-ranking directors from TUBITAK.

In a detailed presentation, Minister Kacir outlined the ambitious goals for Turkiye’s technology sector. He emphasized the National Technology Initiative, launched under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, as a key driver for Turkiye’s economic and technological independence. This initiative focuses on maximizing Turkiye’s ability to design, develop, and produce critical high-tech inventions and products.

Minister Kacir highlighted Turkiye’s ascent to a top position in the production and export of military UAVs, specifically the renowned Bayraktar drones, and the launch of TOGG, the nation’s first electric car brand. He proudly noted that Turkiye’s high-tech exports have reached a historic high of $7.6 billion.

“With technological advancements from 2002-2023, we have effectively doubled Turkiye’s capacity. We are moving forward with four main objectives: Complete Independence in Critical Technology, Value-Added Production, High Export of High-Tech Products, and Qualified Employment,” Kacir stated. He also announced the upcoming launch of Turksat 6A, Turkiye’s first domestic communications satellite, marking Turkiye’s entry into the elite group of countries with communication satellites.

Minister Kacir also underscored the expansion of technology education across Turkiye, with over 100 Teknofest Workshops in all 81 cities, ensuring nationwide coverage. He pointed out Turkiye’s growing appeal in attracting international investments in sectors like chip manufacturing, data centers, and petrochemistry.

The meeting concluded with a commitment from TACCS and the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology to collaborate on enhancing high-tech knowledge and commodity exchange. TACCS is poised to take a leading role in the region, fostering the high-tech industry and strengthening technological and trade ties between countries.

This historic meeting in Orlando celebrated not just Turkiye’s entry into space exploration but also set a foundation for future technological advancements and international collaborations. With TACCS at the helm, this event marks a significant stride in driving growth and innovation in the high-tech sector.