Turkish American Chamber Spearheads Earthquake Relief Efforts with Turkish Airlines

Uniting for a Cause: TACCS and Turkish Airlines Mobilize Aid for Earthquake Recovery in Turkey, Establishing Norcross Warehouse as Key Collection Hub

On the morning of February 6, 2023, southern Turkey and northern Syria were struck by a devastating earthquake, measuring a magnitude of 7.8. This catastrophic event was soon followed by another powerful tremor, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, further compounding the devastation in the region. In response to this national emergency, efforts were immediately mobilized across Turkey and around the world to aid those affected by this calamity.

In the wake of this tragedy, Turkish Airlines, recognized as a national flag carrier, has emerged as a vital player in the earthquake recovery logistics operation. Ahmet Bolat, CEO of Turkish Airlines, along with the Chairman of the Board, emphasized the airline’s commitment to the relief efforts.

Bolat stated, “With the responsibility of being the national flag carrier, we are working with all officials, including AFAD, to mend the wounds caused by the earthquake as the 75 thousand-strong Turkish Airlines family.”

The Turkish American Chamber of Commerce and Industry Southeast (TACCS) has taken a proactive role in these relief efforts. In a significant move, the Turkish Republic Consulate has designated the warehouse of TACCS’s founding member and secretary general, Gokhan Yavuz’s business, Stoneage Natural Rocks Inc., located in Norcross, GA, as an official donation collection hub. This strategic location, one of the main hubs of Turkish Cargo, is playing a crucial role in the humanitarian aid effort for Georgia and the surrounding states.

The Stoneage warehouse in Norcross has become a focal point for the collection and processing of aid. Here, donations are meticulously logged and prepared for shipment. These contributions are then transported to Turkish Airlines’ Atlanta cargo terminal, ensuring overnight delivery to the regions most affected by the earthquake.

This collaboration between TACCS, Turkish Airlines, and various community members underscores a remarkable example of solidarity and swift action in the face of adversity. It demonstrates how organizations can effectively come together to support humanitarian causes and provide immediate relief to those in dire need.

For ongoing details and updates regarding the relief efforts and how to contribute, the public is encouraged to visit the official websites of the Turkish Consul General in Miami and the Turkish Embassy in Washington D.C. These platforms provide crucial information for those looking to assist in these critical humanitarian efforts. Through this united front, TACCS and Turkish Airlines are making a significant impact, offering hope and support to those affected by one of the most severe natural disasters in recent history.